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5 Popular Python Web Scrapping Libraries

Python is the most popular programming language right now because of Its simplicity to write code. Therefore there is no doubt it has a huge community, and a lot of developers are already working on it. It is being used in many fields extensively, like data science, AI, and machine learning. Having a vast community and help available online, developers are creating Python Web Scrapping Libraries to help other people so they will not have to code themselves.

In data science, scientists use it to extract data from websites for analysis and other purposes. They can use different Python Web Scrapping Libraries for this purpose.

Here in this article, we will talk about the best 5 Python Python Web Scrapping Libraries.

1. BeautifulSoup

Python Selenium Beautiful Soap LIBRARY is the most popular and easy to use.Python selenium Beautiful Soup can extract data from the HTML and XML documents from the web. The best thing about this library is that it provides various functions that can easily extract data from the webpage.

Python BeautifulSoup Library can also automatically converts incoming documents to Unicode and outgoing documents to UTF-8. That’s why it is included in our list of Popular Python Web Scrapping Libraries.


In Windows, you can easily download and install this python selenium beautiful-soap library by opening the command prompt and entering this command: pip install beautifulsoup4.

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2. Selenium

python Selenium is a web-based python automation library. It acts as a web driver; it can perform clicks, fill forms, scroll through, and many more within a webpage.

This library is usually used in the testing of web applications.


You can install it using the pip command: pip install selenium.


LXML library helps in reading HTML and XML documents. It is fast as compared to Beautiful Soup, but it works the same way as Beautiful Soup by parsing tree structures of XML nodes. It is one of the most used and popular Python Web Scrapping Libraries


You can install it using the pip command: pip install lxml.

4. Scrapy

Well, here comes the Python Scrapy. You may have heard about this one. It is not just a library; it is a complete framework.

This framework provides you with spider bots that can crawl multiple websites simultaneously and extract data from them. Therefore, Python Scrapy is fast, and it can make various Http requests at the same time.


You can install it by using this pip command in the shell: pip install Scrapy.

5. Requests

When we have to extract data from a website, we have to request the website server to give us what we want. To do precisely this, here comes the Requests library. 

This library can make various kinds of requests. For example, we can make a GET request, download the web page, and parse the data using the Beautiful Soup library. Hence we can also use this library with other libraries. Because of these features it is one of the popular Python Web Scrapping Libraries.


You can install it by using this pip command in the shell: pip install requests==2.7.0.


In conclusion, there is no better library than the other one they are all used for different purposes in data extraction. In most cases, you can use Python Web Scrapping Libraries together to get better what you want. Feel free to try them all!.

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