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How to activate dark mode on Instagram

How to activate dark mode on Instagram

Nowadays, one of the prevailing features for users in an app is dark mode. The dark mode is user-friendly and convenient for devices. This amazing feature has been put forward by all the present-day mobile operating systems and several applications i.e., Google Chrome, Gmail, Messenger, and the beta version of WhatsApp. It allows users to say no to blinding bright light that causes sleep disturbances and vision impairment.  

The dark mode is now offered by Instagram as well. This hallmark of modern devices is of great value. You might have a question in your mind that how to activate dark mode on Instagram? Dark mode on Instagram enables users to scroll down the engaging content without being worried about the battery life of devices.

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How is the dark mode on Instagram different?

When it comes to the dark theme on Instagram, most of the users perceive that it is offered by the app in particular. While in reality, to enable this feature one has to switch on the dark mode of mobile devices. It can be done by going to the settings of one’s mobile phone. By turning on the dark mode of the phone, in general, Instagram also begins to appear in that mode too.

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Edge of Using Dark Mode for Instagram

It is a means of communication and professional networking. Users go through the pictures of the products and services posted by different business entities. Above all, it is a medium to exchange sentiments or pieces of information with family and friends. Therefore, it is equally important that it offers user-friendly features as the most recent one is of dark theme. Here are some amazing benefits of it

  • It lessens the impact of light emitted by screens of devices and maintains the appropriate color contrast ratio for users.
  • It reduces battery consumption and enhances battery time.
  • As white pixels draw measurably more power than black ones. So, it is a battery saver for heavy users. 
  • Continuous exposure to blue light affects the ability to sleep. Turning on the dark mode lowers the chances of sleep deprivation.
  • If one uses Dark mode it will reduce eye strain, particularly at night.

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How to activate dark mode on Instagram?

One question that revolves in the mind of users is how to activate black mode on Instagram. It is not a hard nut to crack. Here is the complete guide for it.

activate dark mode on Instagram For Android Users

Each device has its distinctive functions and setting options. Android users can activate dark mode on Instagram after following the mentioned steps.

  • Open the Settings of the phone.
  • Tap on the ‘Display’ option after scrolling down.
  • Toggle ‘Dark theme’ from the available options in the respective section.
  • Launch Instagram and dark mode will be there to use.

Activate Dark Mode On Instagram For iOS Users

Presently, the black theme for Instagram is available for iOS 13 that can be enabled by following the steps below.

  • Simply open the apps on the phone and go to Settings.
  • Then, select the option of ‘Display and brightness’.
  • Toggle the ‘Dark’ and your phone’s theme changes.
  • Now, launch Instagram, and dark mode is activated automatically.

One can enjoy the phenomenal feature of Instagram after going through the guide on its mobile.

There are other contrary means as well to save your phone battery while using Instagram. It often happens that while scrolling, Instagram pre-loads images and videos that drain a great percentage of the battery. So, Besides turning on dark mode users can control and conserve the power of devices by simply following these steps. 

  • Go to the apps and open the Instagram app.
  • Click on the menu icon present at the top right of the app.
  • Then go to the settings icon present at the bottom of the app. 
  • Tap on the option of  ‘Account’, and then hit ‘Mobile data use’ from the available options.
  • Switch the option of  ‘Data saver’ on and all is done.

After enabling these settings, one can prevent pre-loading of videos. They will only be available for download when one chooses to play them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the commonly asked questions regarding black themes from users. What they think before trying out this surprising feature.

1)  Using the phone in a dark mode is a better option as compared to light mode?

If we talk about the functioning of the mobile, then the dark mode is a better choice. Because running your phone in dark mode can prolong the battery life of the phone.

2)  Why do we need dark themes?

As it minimizes the overall screen brightness and automatically optimizes the screen for performance in low-light environments, it is the best in terms of reading. By turning on dark mode, there will be reduced glare of the screen that lowers flickering. It will also lessen the impacts of blue light on vision.

3)  Is a dark theme always better for eye strain?

No, it is not always better for eye strain. In the case of bright light, the text appears washed out that instead of reducing eye strain increases eye fatigue. In addition to this, long pieces of content are difficult to read in Dark Mode.

Concluding Remarks

Hope this article will provide you with all the information about the night mode for Instagram and you will enjoy this social media platform with surprising features.

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