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Best chrome extensions for developers

Best chrome extensions for developers

It’s a great saying that “Work smarter not harder”. If you are a developer and you mostly work on chrome then we have a special gift for you. You can manage your tasks more effectively and efficiently by using some useful chrome extensions. We will guide you about the best chrome extensions for developers and guide you about their use.

Imagine two developers who have the same level of skills and spend the same time on a particular task. But one developer complete the task in half time and other takes a lot of time to complete the task. The difference is the use of Tools to complete the task. One developer uses some essential tools to complete its task effectively and efficiently. But the other one works in a traditional way and doesn’t use any tool. He can also complete the same task in less time by using some basic tools and extensions but he is not paying attention to it.

Be like the first developer and complete your task effectively and efficiently by using tools. Don’t worry we will guide you about it. Just read the complete article and all of your questions will be cleared.

What Are The Best Chrome extensions for developers?

The following is the list of Best Chrome Extensions For Developers:

  • Rocket Planner By Nazdumanskyy
  • Loom Screen Recorder
  • React Developer Tools
  • Momentum
  • Wappalyzer
  • Colorzilla
  • JSONViewer
  • CSSViewer
  • Grammarly for web

What are the uses of these web developer chrome extensions?

The detail of these web developer chrome extensions are as follows:

Rocket Planner By Nazdumanskyy:

This chrome extension was developed at “Clever Programmer”. It’s a well-known Software company of Rafeh Qazi mostly known as CleverQazi. It’s a to-do list and productivity chrome extension. Its main feature is that you can add websites as tasks so that you can start working again at any time by just clicking on it. It’s one of the best chrome extensions for developers.

Loom Screen Recorder:

By using Loom Screen Recorder you can create a video of your code and design to explain it to another programmer, manager or your client. You can also share the link of that video and share it with others by just a single click. It’s a great web developer chrome extension.

React Developers Tool:

Just like Inspect Element, you can identify your components, states and props real etc very quickly while working with ReactJS. If you are working on ReactJS you can have an idea about the power of this chrome extension. It’s one of the essential chrome extensions for developers.


This chrome extension gives an awesome look and feels to your chrome. It’s an amazing extension you should try it. It will give you a new feeling while working on the same project.


Wappalyzer is an amazing chrome extension. By using this extension you can check whether a website is built with WordPress or not. You can check which technology is used on this site. It’s one of the best chrome extensions for developers.


It’s also one of the most used extensions by developers. It’s a simple colour picker tool. By using this extension you can pick the colours for your site very easily and quickly. It’s the best web developer chrome extension.


With the help of this extension, you can quickly view JSON files of websites.


Suppose you want to get the CSS code of a certain element of a website. What you will do? This chrome extension will allow you to do this task in seconds. It’s one of the best chrome extensions for developers.


Nowadays everyone knows about Grammarly. It’s among the most popular chrome extensions. It shows you your Grammatical, spellings, punctuation, and sentence mistakes. Not only this it also allows you to correct your mistakes by just one click. It also shows you synonyms of any word so that you can understand its meaning. It’s one of the best chrome extensions for developers, bloggers and content creators.

Which of these web developer chrome extensions you like the most. Let us know in the comments section.


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