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best communication apps list for android users

Nowadays communication is very important in every field of life. Without communication, you can’t express your feelings. Communication apps vanish the distance gap and enable us to communicate with our loved ones free of cost. Some of the apps are paid but most apps are free to use. We will show you a list of the best communication apps for android users.


Telegram is one of the most popular messenger apps for privacy and security.
The app also has file sharing, cross-platform support, group chats, GIF support, and more extra features. It grew very quickly. That made it hard to judge at first. Yet, tons of people use the service now. Because of these features, it is included in our list of best communication apps.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is another app in this space. Both Telegram and Signal Private Messenger put security and privacy above all else. However, each app has its characteristics. It is very difficult to judge which app is the best between these two apps. They both send messages, and they’re both good enough to be here compared to competitors. Because of all these extraordinary features, it is added in our list of best communication apps.


Snapchat is a unique messenger app. It supports a few functions, Like voice calls, video messages, photo messages, and text messages. They delete messages after viewing. That implies there is no history to speak of outside of a streak counter. You can also add Stories. That lets people send current status updates that all of their followers can see. They expire in 24 hours. Many of the app’s features are derived from other apps (Instagram, Facebook etc). However, Snapchat is still popular among the younger communities and it’s something different. Because of all these amazing traits, it is included in our list of best communication apps


Skype is also among the most recognizable messenger apps ever. Everyone knows about Skype. You can text chat, video call, and voice call with others. You can even call people on a real phone number with nominal charges. The app includes a few extra characteristics that may or may not be beneficial. It depends on what you want. Still, this has great support for various chats, and support for most file types, including documents, GIFs, and other stuff etc. It’s a great option and there is a Lite version if you like Skype but don’t need all of the features.

Facebook Messenger (Lite)

Facebook Messenger is ane the best communication apps in the world.
Facebook have two chat applications.

  • The regular one includes all the characteristics like chat heads, stickers, and other features.
  • The Lite version of the messenger app is just a basic chat app with limited options. Those massively invested in the Facebook Messenger experience may want the regular app.

Nonetheless, those who don’t want to deal with Facebook’s messenger app should use the Lite version. Facebook is now introducing ads to these chat apps. Notwithstanding, they are otherwise free to use. Facebook had some safety issues earlier in 2018. We don’t imagine the social network becoming inappropriate due to that, though. Many people will still use Facebook.


In this recent era, everyone knows about WhatsApp. It’s among one of the best communication apps we can say that It is the most popular messenger app in the world, after all. It has a lot of useful features and gets frequent updates. we can say that no other chat app can complete it. It includes voice and video chats, text messages, group chats. It also has support for most popular multimedia formats like GIFs, video, etc. It’s powerful, accessible, and modern. It’s also free to use app.

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