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Best games to learn coding

Best Games To Learn Coding

According to a recent survey on Nov 21, 2020, about 52% of gamers play games on their personal computer. Playing games on a PC is one of the most enjoyable tasks. What if you can play games to learn coding? Definitely, it would be an amazing idea! There are a lot of games that you can play to learn coding.

Why you should play these games to learn coding?

  • You can play & learn coding at the same time.
  • It will increase your problem-solving skills.
  • Very helpful for beginners to learn basic concepts such as For Loop, If-else statements and many other concepts.

Now you are aware of the importance of games to learn coding. So, here is the list of games to learn coding:


In this game, you can create your own interactive stories, animations and games. I help you to understand some basic concepts of programming like Loops, If-Else Statements, Functions and many other concepts. It was developed by MLT and it’s a free game. It’s a free block-based programming language and game for kids between 10 to 16. So if you are thinking about teaching programming to your kids it will be the best option to start. This one of the amazing games to learn coding.

Minecraft Education Edition:

We all know that programming is all about building things. Minecraft game is developed with this concept. It is owned by Microsoft. It’s one of the most popular games among programmers. Minecraft Education Edition has a lot of programming tutorials and it teaches about building things with coding. Minecraft Education Edition is also one of the best games to learn coding.

Its free trial is fully-functional but you will have limited number of logins (10 for students and 25 for teachers)

Flexbox Froggy:

Flexbox Froggy is the best game to learn coding. Basically, it helps to understand the concepts of CSS Flexbox. These concepts are quite confusing for beginners but with the help of this game, you can learn them very easily. This game has a total of 25 levels and in each level, it helps you to learn about different coding snippets used to manipulate some CSS Flexboxes.

CSS Grid Garden:

Just like Flexbox Froggy, CSS Grid Garden also helps you to learn some CSS concepts. Flexbox Froggy helps you to learn about the CSS Flexboxes similarly this game helps you to learn about the CSS Grids. This game also has 25 levels. In this game, you have to water the carrots and help them to grow by using CSS Grids concepts. According to many programmers, it’s one of the most challenging coding game. So if you are able to complete this game than you can call yourself a CSS GRID EXPERT because it’s very hard to complete it.

So, these are the best games to learn coding. Besides these, there are a lot of other coding games. If you are a programmer try to play these games you can play and learn at the same time.

Do you play coding games? If you know about some other interesting games to learn coding let us know in the comment section👇. We will mention them in this article.

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