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How to create gigs on Fiverr

How to create gigs on Fiverr – Step-By-Step Guide

Online earning platforms are the centre of attraction for everyone nowadays. When it comes to an online earning platform, Fiverr is always at the top of the list. How to sign up, create gigs on Fiverr or what will be the first step we have to take after signing up is the question that arises in the mind of every newbie. One need not to be worry as it encompasses a vast range of niches and it is different from the rest. Here one posts its services which the client can browse and select the worker according to its posted services known as gigs.

Here is the complete guide on how to sign up on Fiverr and how to make gigs on Fiverr:

Create an Account on Fiverr

Signing up on Fiverr is quite easy. One can sign up through Google Account, Facebook Account or simply by an email address. Then, choose the username and password. Instead of a username, one can use the email address as well. Go to the inbox and activate it, after creating the account.

Create Fiverr Account

Set up the Profile

Setup Fiverr Profile

Create gigs on Fiverr

Now the user is no step away from creating its first gig at Fiverr. Go to the selling option that is on the top of the menu and then click on the “Gigs” option in the drop-down menu. Click the “Create the new Gig” button and here it goes.

Create your first gig at Fiverr

1. Write an overview of Gigs

In the section of “Gig Overview”, fill the title of the gig, the category in which it falls and in the last box mention related search tags. Keep the title of the gig clear, concise and original that appeals to the client. The selection of category and sub-category is the most important part of creating gigs on Fiverr. If one is thinking about how the category will be selected, it is not a hard task. While writing the title Fiverr will automatically suggest the categories in which it falls or one can select the category itself by clicking the options in the drop-down menu. Search tags play a great part in making your gigs valuable and worth considering for the client. So, one should provide such kind of search tags that make the route of the client to the worker easy. In order to go on the next section, click the “Save and continue” button along the bottom right of the screen.

Write gig overview at Fiverr

2. Decide the Price of Gigs Created

Here one has the section of Scope and Pricing in which Fiverr offers three different kinds of packages i.e. Basic, Standard and Premium. It is not essential that one should go for all three packages, but it is preferable that one select all three. Adding to this, give the package a suitable title and be creative in providing a description. Not forget to mention the delivery time as it helps the client understand the pace of one’s working. While setting the price for the project considers a range, but the low price in the basic package and the higher rates in the premium package. One can also fill the shipping section depending on its location. Deciding the price of gigs is also an important step in order to create gigs on Fiverr so always follow the above-mentioned instructions while selecting the price of your gigs.

Adjust price of your gig

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3. Give Frequently Asked Questions

Next, there will be the section of Frequently Asked Questions that may be revised with each project.

Add gig description and FAQs

4. Mention all the Requirements

In the section of requirements, one mentions all the requirements that a worker demands from the client to complete the project. It includes free texts, a form containing a certain question or an attached file.

Establish Fiverr gig requirements

The Gigs gallery is the tool that enhances the impact of one’s gigs and makes them eye-catching for the clients. Keeping in view the content of gigs one can add photos, videos or pdfs in the gig’s gallery.

Add gallery to your gig

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6. Publish Gigs and have them live

The final step in creating a gig is to publish it. It can be done by simply clicking the “Publish Gig” option and the gig will go live. The gigs created can be shared on various social media platforms as well.

Publish your First Fiverr Gig

By following all these steps, one can create its gigs and starts its journey of online earning through this amazing platform. Now, our procedure to create gigs on Fiverr is completed. After this final step, you have to be online at Fiverr to deal with your clients.

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