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Difference Between SSD and HDD (SSD Vs HDD)

If you are running out of storage space and your old Hard Disk is very slow. Then it’s time to upgrade your system. But should you buy a traditional and cheaper HDD or should you buy the fast and latest technology SSD? We will guide you about the Pros and Cons of both SSD and HDD so that you can know all the information about both products. After reading this article you will be able to make an educated decision while upgrading your system. You will be able to understand which technology whether HDD or SDD will give you maximum benefits in terms of speed, data security, weight, and storage.

What’s the difference between HDD and SDD?

A hard disk drive (HDD) is an old technology storage device which uses mechanical platters and a constantly moving read/write head to access data stored inside the drive. On the other hand, a solid-state drive (SSD) is a newer, faster type of drive that stores data on instantly-accessible memory chips.

In the past when you bought a new personal computer, your hard disk storage choices were limited to size and perhaps speed. But at this moment, when you buy a new PC(Personal Computer) you’re confronted with two very different options that whether you want to choose old traditional Hard disk drive(HDD) or latest Static State Drive(HDD).

The functionality of both Static State Drive and Hard Disk Drive is the same both are used to store information and data your video files, audio files, Pdf or Softwares, etc. But the technology behind them is very different.

Following are the main differences between both Static State Drive and Hard Disk Drive:

Hard Disk Drive (HDD):

As we already discussed that it’s a very old technology that’s why it have a lot of drawbacks. It’s an enclosure that contains a series of platters covered by a ferromagnetic coating. The direction of the magnetization shows the individual bits. Data is read or written by a head which moves very fast from one area of the disk to another. Since all of these pieces are “mechanical,” the hard disk is the slowest component of any computer and it’s the most fragile one.
We have to be very careful while using Hard Disk Drive because it have a lot of mechanical components if you drop your laptop accidentally than you may lose the data because if any component of Hard Disk Drive (HDD) broke than data you might loose your all data and this loss can be unrecoverable or it might be very difficult to recover the lost data.

Static State Drive (SSD):

Static State Drive or simply SSD is the latest and fastest technology. These newer types of disks store information on flash memory, which consists of individual memory cells storing bits that are instantly accessible by the controller.
following are the advantages of SSD :

  • It does not contain mechanical parts that’s why it is not noisy like HDD.
  • It is very fast as compared to Hard Disk Drive.
  • SSD have a very low weight. That’s why it is the best option for Laptops.
  • The chances to lose data is very low or even almost negligible.
  • SSD consumes Low electricity as compared to HDD. So you can extend your Laptop’s battery life by using SSD instead of HDD.
  • It is very small as compare to Hard Disk Drive so it consumes less space.
  • SSD speeds up computers or Laptops appreciably due to their low read access times and fast throughputs.
  • It can give the best performance for games as well as for office work.
  • Enterprise servers need Static State Drives to get the fastest reads/writes in order to properly serve their client PCs.

Why SSD is Best for laptops?

Lower priced laptops still come with Traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD). It may be due to the low budget in manufacturing the laptop because most of the buyers can’t afford expensive Laptops. Therefore most of the lower priced laptops use Hard disk drive to reduce the manufacturing expenses. All the Laptops from mid-range to High-end machines comes with Static State Drive(SSD).
As we discussed earlier that Static State Drive reduces battery consumption because of its non-mechanical nature.
The chances of data loss are negligible because if you accidentally drop your laptop then there are no mechanical parts in SSD that could break so your data will be saved. On the other hand, if you make this mistake while using HDD than you might lose your data.

In a Hybrid Computer, you can use both SSD and HDD at the same time. You can install the operating system, application programs, and the most-used files on SSD. While for other data, such as movies, photos, and documents, can be stored on a traditional HDD, which is larger and less expensive. In this way you can have a super-fast speed for programs due to SSD and the storage problem will also be solved.

Price differences between HDD and SSD:

There is no doubt that SSD is much more expensive as compared to a traditional HDD. But still, SSD is the best option as compared to HDD because they provide a lot of benefits like speed, low weight technology, occupy less space, and also provides data security. Normally SDD is almost 3X times more expensive as compared to HDD. A 500GB HDD costs between 25$ to 50$ based on the quality of drive, on the other hand, an SSD with the same storage costs about 60$ to 150$. The price of SSD is reduced a lot in recent years and maybe in next few years it will be available at cheaper rates.


If you’re just looking for a cheap way to store files, then you can still get a great deal with HDD. They offer lots of terabytes for the lowest budget prices.

But for your “primary” drive (your operating system, application and programs etc.), you should upgrade to an SSD, as it offers dramatically improved speeds.

In all cases, SSD and HDD, you’ll need to keep your drive clean. Your operating system requires a lot of disk space to operate – and running low on space can cause slowdowns and even crashes.

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