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disadvantages of GB WhatsApp

Drawbacks or disadvantages of GB WhatsApp

What is GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is not the original WhatsApp. It is a modded version of WhatsApp. It contains some more functions as compared to the original WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. A lot of people don’t trust this publisher and it is also not a verified app so there are a lot of disadvantages of GB WhatsApp.

Since GB WhatsApp is not the original version of WhatsApp so it has countless disadvantages. This version of WhatsApp is developed by a guy called Omar. GB WhatsApp provides a lot of useful features but all these features are useless if you don’t trust the app. Privacy is not the only disadvantages of GB WhatsApp it has a lot of other drawbacks too.

If you think that you need some of the features of GB WhatsApp. you can use WhatsApp Business because it has some more features as compared to the regular version of WhatsApp.

The advantages of GB WhatsApp includes:

  • Hide last seen for some contacts
  • Send video file up to 50 Mb
  • You can lock your WhatsApp
  • Send 90 images in a single click
  • You can copy the status of others
  • Hide the second ticks
  • Save videos and photos from the status

Besides these, there are a lot of other advantages of GB WhatsApp. But still, if you want to use this app you have to compromise on your privacy.

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp

One of the most important disadvantages of using GB WhatsApp is the risk of data privacy, loss of end to end encryption, loss of data, and security.

Risk of data privacy:

When you use GB WhatsApp you allow it to access your media files, camera, microphone and internet connection. It means that they can use and leak your data anytime they want so always use trusted apps and think twice before allowing them to access your personal data. Unlike the original version of WhatsApp, there is no guarantee that safety criteria exist for using this app.

Loss of End To End Encryption

Most people use WhatsApp because it offers End To End Encryption. This means that only you and the person you are chatting with can read messages. WhatsApp don’t read your personal messages. But in GB WhatsApp you have to compromise on this amazing feature of GB WhatsApp. It’s one of the most important disadvantages of GB WhatsApp. That’s why you should always use trusted apps.

Your contact list can be exposed

Since End To End Encryption might not work on GB WhatsApp so your contact list can also be exposed. So, by using this app you also take a risk to expose someone’s else personal details.

Do you think that developer modded this app without any reason? They might be collecting your personal data of users

Errors in source code

If in future the developer updates the app with some errors in source code you might have to face some problems. You will lose all of your chats and other data.

These are some of the disadvantages of GB WhatsApp. By reading this article you can have an idea about the drawbacks of using this app. A lot of people are using this app they will say that this app is safe to use. But that’s not true whenever you use the app from a non-trusted developer you always take a risk of losing your personal details and personal data.

“You should Never compromise on your privacy”

Always be original and use apps of publishers that you trust. Any app that you download from Google Play Store and App Store is safe to use but if you downloaded apk file from other sources you should think twice before using it.

So, I recommend you don’t use GB WhatsApp instead of this you can use WhatsApp Business which have a lot of cool features.

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