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Top 8 Google Chrome Extensions

Top 8 Google Chrome Extensions to Help You!

Everyone anywhere needs a web browser to access different websites and when it comes to a first-rate web browser then of course none is better than a Google Chrome. Where this software is smart in its functionality there are a lot of Google Chrome Extensions are also available to make it a full package for efficient working. 

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What are Google Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome extensions not only enhance the functionality of the browser but also modify the existing features. 

Google Chrome extensions are highly recommended because:

  • They make web browsing secure by protecting one’s privacy.
  • By installing Google Chrome Extensions, usage of memory is optimized and the browser works effectively.  
  • These extensions also manage one’s password so that it is easier for a user to sign in for the next time. 
  • They also maintain consistency during work by blocking the display of irrelevant ads.  
  • One need not worry about organizing details of tasks as one can add notes or to-do lists to Chrome with the aid of this amazing feature. 

How to Install Google Chrome Extensions

After having a view of the surprising benefits of Google Chrome Extensions, you are thinking about how to install them. Take it easy! It is not a hard nut to crack. One can install them from a Chrome Web Store. There is a wide range of extensions. Simply type a keyword or browse the categories and install an extension of your choice. For some extensions, one has to pay a little money while others are free. Before installing any extension, it is better to go through the reviews to have proper know-how of the following extension. 


Here we have enlisted some of the best Google Chrome Extensions that are handy to use and highly efficient. 

Web Developer- Developer Tool Extension

This top-grade Google Chrome Extension is a must-have software for web developers. It has around one million users because it offers the following amazing services.

  • Through this extension, a toolbar button can be added.
  • Some tools will appear on the web page with just one click on the toolbar button. 
  • It contains a catalog that allows developers to perform a range of functions. These functions include changing the size of the browser window, disfiguring JavaScript as well as verification of HTML of a page and the list of functions goes on. 
  • It provides users with various choices in each category that make it second to none. 

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ColorZilla-Color Picker Extension 

It is one of the well-liked color picker Chrome Extensions by developers worldwide. Presently, it serves as the exceptional color picker along with eyedropper extension. It deals with all level color-related functions for developers and is helpful for graphic designers as well.  It’s one of the great Google Chrome extensions available in chrome web store.

  • It contains an incredible webpage color analyzer that enables the users to sort out color reading from any pixel on any related website.
  • It also retains a color history index of the recently chosen color.  
  • It is easy to pick any color from various sites and copy it to the clipboard with the help of ColorZilla.
  • It is equipped with supplementary features such as CSS Gradient. 

Clear Cache- Cache-Clearing Extension

When the work is in bulk, it becomes significant for web developers to clear the browser chance so that they can efficiently perform the task. In this regard, the Clear Cache Extension of Google Chrome is of great importance. 

  • Just one click and all the cache and browsing data are removed. This is the wonder of the following extension.
  • One can make-to-order this extension in multiple ways like one can choose the amount of data one wants to clear. It may include passwords of different applications, downloads, downloaded files, and so on. 
  • The noteworthy feature of the extension is that it operates behind the scene and no additional configuration or popups distract the user while it is working. 

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Window Resizer – Screen Resizer Extension

 A must-have extension especially for developers as well as designers to have productive work within less time.

  • One can copy multiple display modes by making use of the following extension. 
  • One can also change the size and position of the present window with no ease. 
  • This is not enough; one can import and export its settings on various computers as this extension provides global key shortcuts that are simple to operate. 
  • Customization of screen resolution is also possible. Just open the toolbar popup UI and choose the design you want to add. 

JSONView – JSON Beautifier Extension

This great extension of Google Chrome is the new version of Gildas’ JSOnView. It has exceptional features and is indispensable for developers. 

  • It improves format and gives a tempting format besides prints to JSONP and JSON.
  • It enhances performance by enabling customization of themes, highlighting syntax, making the URLs clickable, and many more.  
  • The user can change the overall look of it according to its choice as it has many configurations. 

Marmoset – Code Generator Extension

Another best Google Chrome Extension for developers and Graphic Designers from a list of the extensions available. It makes the task much easier everywhere. 

  • It enables the user to capture an amazing snapshot of the code that is generated just by selecting the code one wants to share. 
  • Different themes and effects can also be added to the picture to enhance the presentation or make posts attractive while sharing on social media feeds.

Thus, this extension is quite useful for the Portfolio of web designers as well.  

WhatFont – Font Identifier Extension

It is now easy to notice the fonts on a certain website for developers with the light and elegant WhatFont extension of Google Chrome.

  • This remarkable extension allows users to check and determine web fonts by simply tapping on them.  
  • So, it is simple to find out various features related to a font such as its style, size, color, etc.
  • It is handy to operate. Just turn the plugin on and then click on the font that you want to observe. 

CSSPeeper – CSS Code Extension

One of the most useful Chrome Extensions for developers to draw out the enclosed code on the webpage. 

  • One can go through any element in a website and copy its style with just one click through this extension.

There is no need for long time-taking searches for the code pages. Make use of the following extension and get the benefits. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just install these surprising Chrome Extensions and make your everyday work-life easy. 


Q. How many Chrome Extensions can one have?

Ans. Although, one can have as many Extensions as he wants according to his need by default the number is limited to twenty. At a time one can have twenty Google Chrome Extensions.

Q. How long does it take for Google Chrome Extension to be operational?

Ans. It will just take twenty minutes for a Chrome Extension ready to work, but the downloading time may vary from person to person. 

Q. Can one use Chrome Extensions on Mobile?

Ans. Not all Chrome Extensions work properly on Mobile. Yes, many run quite well on Mobiles. It is better to install Chrome Extensions on the desktop. 

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