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Graphic designing tips that you should know

Graphic designing tips that you should know

Design is a visual illustration of thought, ideas, and logic. As a graphic designer you are given the idea and you turn it into a story. Something that will convey the main idea and that people will come together for it. You have to articulate the subject with colour, fonts, elements, textures, and all the elements of art. There are some important Graphic designing tips that you should know!

9 Amazing Graphic designing tips

 Here are the key Graphic designing tips and foundations that every designer should know.

  1. Align your design
  2. Consider the psychology of color
  3. Use the negative space wisely
  4. Try to do something different
  5. Make it simple
  6. Balance your design 
  7. Dived your design by using line 
  8. Structure your text
  9. Use icons

 This is the list of 9 design tips that you can start using for your current and future projects.

Align your design

Graphic designing tips - Align Your Design

A design with incorrect alignment is like a disorganized desk. If you’ve ever had a workplace covered in clutter, you know how frustrating it can be; texts that have to come together are nowhere near as close as they can be, nowhere to expect and everything is simply not attractive to look at. It’s one of the most important Graphic designing tips that you should know!

It’s very important to align your design and text because when the principles of alignment are not used properly, they make the marketing ploy seem unorganized, dangerous, and seemingly illegal.

Consider the psychology of colour

Graphic designing tips - Psychology Of Colour

Through colours, you shape the communication of a particular tone or message that you want to convey in your design. So, Therefore, it is important to consider the psychology of colour. It’s important to play around with the size of your colour palette and how each colour is used in the construction. It’s also one of the most important Graphic designing tips that you should know!

It is only natural for us to be interested or attracted to the unique and unusual and that is why using different colours in the construction of paintings is appropriate.

Use the negative space wisely

Graphic designing tips - Negative Space

Designs that use negative space to make an impact, is also a tip to enhance your design Negative space is the space between, inside and inside around an object in an image, often creating another image or symbol. 

Artists often create favorable spaces and shapes, which cleverly record intellectual space in a negative space, interacting like a puzzle. The results can be amazing. Here, in the above example, you can see how wisely designers use negative space in their designs.

We have found some good examples to where you find how the artist uses negative space to make their design attractive, and right-click on this link.

Try to do something different

Graphic designing tips - Do Something Different

It’s okay to follow styles. But why should you be like everyone else when you shouldn’t be? Instead of being like everyone else and following great styles, look for styles, read them, and be inspired by them, but put your twist on them that make you stand out and have visual content.

Make it simple

The very important tip for the construction of good design is to keep it simple. There is nothing worse than a complicated design that is difficult to understand. It’s one of the important Graphic designing tips for beginners! To keep things simple, tap on your interior minimalist.

See the flyer template below:

Graphic designing tips - Make It Simple

A simple and colourful art gallery.

Customize this template on the flyer and make it your own!

It’s simple, yet eye-catching. Although there are no tons of used items, a healthy background and bold fonts do the trick.

Balance your design 

Graphic designing tips - Balance Your Design

Balancing your design text, shapes in a tricky way will create amazing results.

Use low text and fonts, keep colors controlled and visually balanced. The secret to good design is not to add as many graphics and elements to your design as possible.

It achieves a balance between attracting beauty and getting your message clear and effective.

Dived your design using line

Use a line (or two) to create a sense of order

Lines help to attach objects to an image and create the impression that there is perfect order. Apply lines to your picture by placing them around the text blocks – thereby pasting the text. It’s one of the important Graphic designing tips.

You can also set lines as “dividers” between the various objects in the image. In the latter case, a sense of belonging promotes the idea of ​​planning and integration in construction.

Structure your text

Graphic designing tips - Structure Your Text

Whenever you have a text body (e.g. sections), each line should not be more than 30-40 characters. That includes spaces too, so choose carefully.

If you jump too close, you run the risk of sentences making it harder for students to cross. And any shorter ones and your lines of text begin to resemble fragments of Tetris, falling carelessly into a mysterious stream.

Use icons 

By using icons, you can get the viewer’s attention whenever you want. You can use icons of all kinds to give you that visual pizzaz. You can create your simple B&W or brightly colored icons.

Make them have a flat or 3D design. Incorporate them into your design to maximize the aesthetic value of your design and enhance the viewer experience while engaging with your great graphic design.

Hopefully, these tips will help you!

There are many online resources available from where you can get help to learn the design but here is some more guidance for you to improve the new designs that you are going to make.

  • Keep Practicing 
  • Become creative by looking  at the designs of the previous artist 
  • Use your self-thoughts
  • Get the feedback
  • Improve your mistakes 

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