What are guest posts?

Guest posts are the posts that you write for someone else blog in order to get backlinks. It is very important for the SEO of any blog.

Why you should write guest posts?

Writing guest posts regularly is very important for you to increase the authority of your website. moreover, it also has a lot of other advantages as well.

The following are the advantages of writing guest posts:

  • Instant Exposure to Targeted Traffic
  • Increase your website backlinks
  • Stimulate Social Media Shares
  • Grow Your Social Media Following
  • Improve Your Online Authority
  • Grow Brand Awareness
  • Generate Qualified Leads

How to Guest Post?

  1. You can publish an article directly on our blog by filling in the details below.
  2. We will approve it within 3 to 6 hours after checking the quality of the article.

Guidelines for guest posting:

You have to follow following rules while writing guest posts:

  • SEO Friendly content
  • NICHE: Technology, Innovations, How To, Computer Softwares, Android and IOS Apps, Programming, and Online Earning
  • The article should contain a minimum of 450 words
  • A Featured Image (must be a free image or your own graphic )

Policy for guest posts:

  • The minimum of 450 words article will be accepted
  • only one backlink per article
  • We can edit any part of article
  • we can improve it’s SEO


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