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Highly Paid Programming Languages To Learn In 2021

Highly Paid Programming Languages To Learn

All you need to know about highly paid programming languages To learn in 2021

Whenever we start learning a Programming Language we always wonder how much we can earn by learning this skill. All beginner programmers want to learn Highly Paid Programming Languages instead of learning crap languages. If you are thinking which programming language will pay you most then you are in the right place. In this article, We will discuss highly paid programming languages to learn in 2021

We will guide you step by step about highly demanded as well as highly paid programming languages. Most of the people waste their time in learning skills that do not have any demand in public. As a Result, they waste a lot of time or energy and eventually they fail in achieving their goals. But you don’t need to worry about it because we are going to give you full guidance about highly demanded and highly paid programming languages.

Here is the list of Highly Paid programming languages:

#1 Scala

Highly Paid programming languages - Scala

Scala is a combination of Object-Oriented Programming and Functional Programming in one High-Level Language. Due to its static type, it helps programmers a lot in avoiding bugs. Besides, Programmers also have access to its huge ecosystem of libraries. That’s why it is very suitable to build High-Performance systems. It is considered as one of the highly demanded as well as highly paid programming languages.

Following are the advantages of Scala:

  • Very Scalable highly paid Programming language
  • Concise
  • Easy to learn for OOP programmers
  • Huge Ecosystem of Libraries

Average Salary: $120k to $160k

#2 GO

Highly Paid programming languages - Go

GO Programming Language is an open-source platform. Therefore it is very actively used for organizational and highly paid Programming language projects. It was developed by Google and Introduced in 2009. GO programming language is used by many top world-class services like Netflix and DropBox etc.

One of the most beautiful things about the Go programming language is that it provides efficient processing for parallel processes. Due to its huge benefits it’s popularity increases dramatically in the past few years, It is also included in the list of highly demanded and highly paid programming languages.

Average Salary: $110k to $140k


Highly Paid programming languages -Objective C

The Objective-C programming language is used to develop apps for Mac OS X and iOS. A new programming language called swift is introduced recently but Objective-C did not lose its position. The developers of Objective-C say that no other language can take the place of Objective-C and it will remain a highly paid Programming language. Therefore It is included in the list of highly demanded and highly paid programming languages.

Average Salary: $100k to $130k


Highly Paid programming languages - kotlin

In 2017 KOTLIN Programming Language has become the official development language for Android. It is developed by a well known IT company JetBrains.

The language has support from Google and it is fully compatible with java. KOTLIN Programming language is very easy to understand for programmers therefore it’s popularity is increasing day by day. It is also included in the list of highly demanded as well as highly paid programming languages.


Average Salary: $90k to $125k


Highly Paid programming languages - Ruby

RUBY is considered as one of the best and highly paid Programming Language for developing Web apps. Above all, it is mostly used for the development of the server parts of many services. 

The main focus of RUBY is not only on creating powerful programs but it also focuses on the development time, stability, and reliability of programs. Therefore It is included in the list of Highly Paid Programming Languages.

Average Salary: $90k to $125k

#6 C#

Highly Paid programming languages - c#

The best feature of C# Programming Language is its simplicity. In C# we focus mainly on the algorithm of a program rather than it’s implementation details.

It was developed by the Microsoft team to develop apps on the .NET platform. So if you are interested in app creation like MS than this language will be very helpful for you. It is also a most highly demanded as well as Highly Paid Programming Language

Average Salary: $85k to $120k


Highly Paid programming language - Python

Python is considered one of the best programming languages. Most importantly there is a huge community of Python developers that are doing a great job. Programmers love Python because of its diversity.

It is used for data analysis, Web development, machine learning, and many other things. Python is also included in the list of highly demanded as well as Highly Paid Programming Languages


Average Salary: $80k to $110k


Highly Paid programming language - java

According to the GitHub team analysis, JAVA is the most Highly-Demanded and highly paid Programming Language among Employers as well as Developers. It is considered one of the best Programming Language to learn.

JAVA is mostly used for developing products used in Banking Sectors and Automated Testing. It is being used for creating Server as well as mobile apps. That’s why Java is also included in the list of Highly Paid Programming Languages

Average Salary: $75k to $110k


Highly Paid programming languages - Swift

SWIFT was developed in 2014. It is a competitor of Objective-C programming language which is an old language. Now, this is a Universal Programming Language for developing apps working with Apple.

One of the best advantages of SWIFT is its speed and stability. Therefore SWIFT is considered as one of the Highly Paid Programming Language.


Average Salary: $70k to $120k

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