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How to earn money from youtube

If you have some skills or knowledge etc that you want to show to the world then Youtube is the best platform. You can earn money from Youtube by placing ads on your videos there are some conditions for placing ads but don’t worry we will guide you step by step that how can you overcome these challenges. After reading this Article you will be able to earn a handsome amount of money from Youtube. By working as a Youtuber you don’t even just earn money from Youtube you also earn fame from youtube as well.

I will suggest you don’t skip any paragraph of this Article because each word of this article is worth reading. 

Here is the step by step guide about how you can make money from youtube:

Determine your niche:-

First of all, you have to determine your niche. You must understand your interest and your capacity that how well and how much you can work. Determine your passion and think about it that if you start a youtube channel then how will you introduce your channel and the type of content you will provide. There are unlimited options on youtube that you can choose to earn money from youtube and to become a good youtuber.

You can become a:

  • Prankster
  • Motivational Speaker
  • influencer
  • Mentor
  • Comedian
  • Gamer
  • DIY(Do It Yourself) Mentor
  • And many many more things

It will be a foolish idea to Link youtube only with these categories because youtube is very vast. We can’t even explore all the Types of videos that are daily posted at youtube.
The conclusion to this paragraph is that whatever niche you have just work with passion and be professional in order to earn money from youtube and to become a successful youtuber.


tools for Youtube channel:-

After the determination of your interest, you should think about the tools that you need to make videos for your youtube channel.

Following are some common tools that most of the youtuber needs:

  • Camera (You can also use the camera of your smartphone)
  • Good quality Mike
  • PC or Laptop
  • and ofcourse good internet connection

You may need more tools according to the type of your channel and the type of content you produce for instance if you are a teacher then you will need a whiteboard to deliver lectures and if you are a Gamer then you will need a proper game setup.

Make a Youtube channel:-

After collecting all the necessary tools for the channel you have to create a channel on youtube. For creating a channel first of all you need a Gmail account I will suggest you to don’t use your personal Gmail just create a new Gmail account for youtube then go to youtube from your PC because on phone you will not able to see advanced settings.

You can create a channel by going into “Setting > Account > Create a channel”. After completing this step you should proud to yourself because you have completed the first obstacle and you are going to do something productive.

Creating Content for Youtube channel:-

For creating content first of all watch some content of your competitors soo that you may have an idea of which type of content they are publishing. If you watch videos of your competitors you can estimate how much struggle is required to compete them and to produce better content.  No matter how much expert you are in your field the journey of learning never ends so always try to improve yourself and your skills in order to get success in a certain field.

The Videos that you are making should have clear sound and there should be no interruption in that video. Your video should not be boring especially if you are delivering some lectures because a lot of people watch videos when they are free and if your videos are not worth watching then your audience might loose their interest and you will loose your money, reputation, and your subscribers.

Requirements to earn money from youtube:-

You are now able to create content for the channel. But you can’t earn money from this content until you met some basic conditions for placing ads on your content. you can see all the requirements by going to the website of Google AdSense. Or simply click here

Here are some basic requirements to earn money from youtube:

  • More than 1000 Subscribers
  • 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months
  • The content should be your own

You can see other requirements on their website. These are the basic requirements you can achieve 1k subscribers and 4000 watch time in less then a month if you work with determination and publish the best content in your field.just

Start to earn money from youtube:-

After completing the requirements of Google Adsense you can create an account on Google adsence and after creating the account you have to link your channel with Google Adsense soo that they can place ads on your content. After doing this setup you will start earning from youtube and you will get fame as well because people will know you by your work and they will follow you on youtube. In other words, you will become a youtube celebrity. 

How much can we earn from youtube?

There is no limit to earn money from youtube because the content you publish will remain on youtube and you will earn as long as your viewers watch the content. We can say that “Sky is the limit“.

Congrats you are now able to earn money from youtube I have provided all the necessary information to start earning money from youtube.

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