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Different ways to make money from wordpress

How to make money from WordPress

When we start learning a new skill, first of all, we learn about its benefits that how can we make money and make our life better by learning this skill. Similarly when we learn about WordPress even there are tons of ways to earn money from WordPress like placing ads and other methods of earning from WordPress but we always wonder which method we should adopt or which method will suit us in making money from WordPress.

The Following are some best methods to make money from WordPress:

1. Making Money From WordPress Through Blogging:-​

We all are writing essays or articles from high school days but have you ever think about it that we can make money by writing useful information and delivering our information to the world? well, that’s true you can make money by making a WordPress blog and publishing posts regularly on your blog.
If you don’t know about Blogging click Here

How We Can Make Money From WordPress With Blogging?​

The simple and sweet answer to this question is that there are tons of ways to earn from blogging. Some of the ways are as follows:

  • Earning Money By placing ads on your blog
  • Making Money by Sponsered advertisements OR Native advertisement
  • Earning by MemberShip sites

Now we will discuss each method in detail

Making Money By Placing Ads On WordPress Blog:-​

placing ads on WordPress blog is a very simple thing if you already have a blog with good traffic then you can easily place ads on your blog. After placing the ads whenever someone clicks on an ad on your blog you will earn money.
You can use any one of these platforms for placing ads on your blog in order to generate good revenue/income.

  • Google AdSense
  • Infolinks
Google AdSense:​

Policies of Google Adsense for placing ads:-

  • No abusive experience
  • No copyrighted material
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Traffic sources
  • Must be 6 months old (Only for few countries)
  • User Must be 18 years old

Steps for Google AdSense:-

  • Signup to Adsense
  • Don’t use fake information
  • Add your site
  • Follow the steps for placing ads


  • Can be installed on any site
  • Full site analytics

It’s an Online Advertising platform. You can place ads in non-traditional places. You can place ads according to your keywords. It gives additional revenue as compare to Adsense

Options For Ads At InfoLinks:-​

Four options of Infolinks are given below:-
Capitalize on browser margins with attractive display ads
Engage users with an overlay ad unit most relevant to the user’s intent.
Display a tag cloud of keywords relevant to your content.
Monetize inside the lines by highlighting your best keywords.

How To Use Infolinks?​

  • Go to Infolinks website
  • Review policies
  • Signup
  • Follow the steps

2. Making Money From WordPress Through Sponsored Advertisements:-

it’s an article about any company and they will pay you for this and eventually, you will earn money. Sponsored posts can be written by the author or by the company it’s self and you will be paid to post these articles on your WordPress Blog

How To Find Sponsored Posts?​

You should have a good number of audience for sponsored posts or native advertisements. You have to recognize the relevant brand according to your blog posts in order to earn a huge profit.

Top Websites For Sponsored Posts For More EARNING:​

(1) PayPerPost
(2 ) Sponsered Reviews

Tips For Sponsored Posts:- ​

  • Note the time of publication of your WordPress blog posts very carefully
  • Tell your audience that it’s a sponsored post
  • Tie the audience to your WordPress blog posts
  • Choose your clients and projects very carefully
  • Create value with high-quality images
  • Keep your tone authentic and relatable

3. Making Money From WordPress Through MemberShip Sites:-

You Can Also Make Money by making a membership site on WordPress. In membership sites, users have a monthly or yearly membership of your site according to their chosen plan. In these sites, the user will pay you monthly for viewing your content.

Other Famous Ways To Make Money From WordPress:-​

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Write Reviews (deep reviews about products)
  • Flipping websites
  • Ebooks Store
  • online courses
  • Paid Webinars
  • Freelancing (A most common method of making money from WordPress
  • Consulting Business
  • Coaching site
  • Online T-shirts store
  • Making money by selling plugins
  • Earning money by selling themes

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