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How To Unblock Websites Different ways to unblock sites

How To Unblock Websites – Different ways to unblock sites

Almost every country has blocked some content in their region. Some countries block some websites or some content due to religious aspects and some block the content of their rivals. They can block content on other medians like TV or newspaper but on the internet, there is always a solution for every problem. If you want to learn about How to Unblock websites than you are on the right place.

How to unblock websites:-

Most of the people want to Unblock Websites that are blocked in their country. There are a lot of different ways to do this task. We will provide you step by step guide of all the possible ways to Unblock websites on PC as well as on Mobile.

Different ways to unblock websites:-

The following are some different ways to unblock websites:

#1 Use VPN to unblock websites

Virtual Private Network or simply VPN is a software that acts as a hiding layer and doesn’t reveal your correct IP address. It is commonly used to unblock website that is blocked in their region due to some reasons.

Using VPN is considered one of the best option to unblock websites Because using a VPN is very simple and easy way to unblock blocked sites. There are a lot of VPN available on the internet you can use any one of the VPN. I will suggest these two Free to use VPN for PC and Android..

#2 Use Proxy Websites (Become Anonymous)

Many of the companies or organizations use proxy servers and proxy sites to block some content. If you are facing this issue and want to learn the complete procedure or method to Unblock Proxy OR Unblock websites than don’t worry you can use any Proxy Website that will make your experience Unrestricted.

You can use any of these sites:


If You Want To Learn About More Proxy Sites and How to unblock Websites With Proxy Then Just Click On The Link Given Below.

Click here to Learn about Proxy server and Proxy sites

#3 Use IP Instead Of URL

As we all know that each website’s URL has a Unique IP address and the authorities that are blocking the site might have just stored the URL rather than the IP Adress. In this case, you can use the IP address of a site to Unblock Websites in your Chrome browser.

This is the last best method to Unblock Website. This method is generally not recommended because it is very tricky and difficult. You also might not want to waste your time you can use the first two methods to unblock websites because these methods are very simple and easy. 

If you don’t want to install any VPN Or don’t want to go to any Proxy Website then use this method. Otherwise, VPN is the best option among all these methods.


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