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Five ways to insert bullet point system

Five ways to insert bullet point system

From making assignments to writing a blog for a website, one has to work on Microsoft Word. Where this amazing application has many amazing features one can enlist certain things in its document by inserting bullet point system. Here we will discuss several ways to insert bullet point system.

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There are several ways to make your document impressive through this feature. In this article, we will provide a guide for each method so that one can adopt one that is convenient for him. 

Add Bullets through Symbol Box

Some people face difficulty in inserting bullets while writing a document as it is not readily available on the keyboard. The solution to this problem is the Symbol dialog box from where one can conveniently add bullets into its document. 

Just follow the below-mentioned steps and enlist your points in the word document

  • Put down your insertion pointer at where you want to add the bullets
  • Then go to the Insert tab and there you have a Symbols group.
  • Tap on the Symbols button in the Symbols group and select More Symbols from the drop-down
  • A Symbol dialog box will be in front of you on the screen containing a collection of all symbols in the Microsoft Word Application.
  • Find out the bullet point system from the available collection of symbols and click on it to select the symbol
  • By clicking on the Insert button, a bullet point system will be added to your document.
  • You can click on the option of Cancel to set aside the dialog box. 

It is the simplest way for newbie users of Microsoft Word to insert this system by using Symbol Dialog Box. 

Insert Bullet Point System in a Catalogue 

It often happens that if one is enlisting things with the help of bullets Microsoft Word automatically adds bullets for the next line and it serves like an AutoFormat feature. It can also be added at the beginning of a paragraph by simply pressing the Tab Key once and the bullets will appear there. One can type an asterisk symbol as well or instead can press the Shift key along with 8 and Word will convert the asterisk to bullets.  

There is another way to have bullet points. Just follow the instructions below and add it. 

  • Make a list of whatever you want to shortlist, but keep in mind that every proceeding detail will start from a new line. 
  • Then make all the points highlighted 
  • Go to the Home tab and in the section of Paragraph group there will appear the option of Bullets as you select the down arrow
  • Choose the bullets you want to add to your text from the dropdown list. 

In this way, insert pointers into your text and make it presentable. 

Make document orderly by using Alt Code

One can enter the symbols in its document with the help of its unique code as all the signs in Microsoft Word have a distinct code known as Alt code. Likewise by using that specific Alt code one can insert a bullet point system. 

Here are the instructions for this method of adding pointers. 

  • Put the insertion pointer at the place where you want to add the symbols. 
  • Press the unique code for bullets that is (0149) from the numeric keyboard while holding the Alt Key.
  • Then release the Alt Key. 
  • Just after releasing the Alt Key, a bullet point system will be inserted into the document. 

Thus, the smartest way to add bullets at the point where you have placed an insertion pointer. 

AutoCorrect a way to Insert Bullet Point System

Microsoft Word encloses another surprising feature of AutoCorrect through which bullets can also be added. It sounds great! Where this feature is designed for spelling mistakes it is a trick to the bullet point system. Wait, let’s have an example. You type (myshbp) so when you type next to the text, Word will perceive you want to add the bullets or you want to make it shortlisted so it will automatically convert it into a bullet point system. You can also give this procedure a specific code that will make it more interesting. 

Otherwise, you can follow some simple steps to manually add bullets or to give pointers to your text. 

  • Go to the insert tab and click on the symbols followed by a tap on more Symbols. A dialog box will appear. 
  • Then choose the Bullet Point System and Click to add it.
  • By clicking on the AutoCorrect button, the AutoCorrect Dialog box will appear.
  • In the dialog box, type replaces myshbp with a bullet symbol.
  • After clicking on the Add option press OK and the bullet point system will be added. 
  • Word will automatically insert the Bullet Point symbol into your document whenever you. 

However, one should keep in view that if there is any text already present before myshbp then Word will take the AutoCorrect text as part of the text and not add the bullet point system. So, it must be at the start or a new sentence to have a bullet point system through this method.

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Add Bullet Point System by making multi-column Table 

One can shortlist certain points in the tabulated form and then transform them into a list. It appears unique, but it is a simple one. Follow the mentioned steps to have an orderly document with a bullet point system. 

  • Type the points that you want to get shortlisted and then go to the bar that appears on the top of the Word Document. 
  • Click on the Insert tab and go to the option of Tables.
  • A dialog box will be there. Select the number of rows and columns you want to add to the table and click on the option of insert Table.
  • After the table is added to the document, go to them and select the numbering option from the Paragraph section.
  • Bullets or numbering will be added to the text in the table. Then one can remove the borders of the table by going to the design tab.
  • There click on the option of the no borders from the drop-down menu. 
  • After that one can have text with bullets or pointers. 

Although this way is not very effective for long texts, yes one can use this in the case of lists of things. 

Thus, make your document presentable by applying one of these methods of inserting a bullet point system. Hope it will be helpful for you and you will get the solution to this problem of yours. 

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