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How to install windows 10 (Installing Windows 10)

How to install windows 10 – Step by Step Guide

Back in 2015, Microsoft introduced the remarkable version of Microsoft Windows i.e. Windows 10. Here we will provide you a step-by-step guide on how to install windows 10.

For the first time, it happened that there is software that has unified the expertise of this software on various devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Adding to this, Windows ten has not only incorporated many alternatives like Xbox Live and Cortana Voice-recognition assistant but also came with many surprising features like menu, and app icons. So, one should install Windows 10 on its devices to enjoy its exciting features. 

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Benefits of Installing Windows 10 

While working on different software, the thing that is the top priority for users is its security. People install Windows to avoid any security issues. In addition to this, the updates of the previous versions fix bugs or any other issues in windows that can affect the stability of the operating system.

Sometimes the Windows Updates bring amazing features that make the work-life easy. Likewise, Windows ten has some amazing features that differentiate it from the previous versions of Microsoft Windows. 

  • It is highly secure as it has a built-in system to provide support for third parties applications. Due to this feature, information technology departments make use of device management systems or other software to protect devices running on the operating system. 
  • It possesses a distinctive design that comes with a start menu as well as a centric Metro interface. 
  • The taskbar made it easy to find any application on the computer. Not only this, there is another icon of the task app view just on the right side of the Cortana search field.
  • Another surprising feature is one can drag and drop any of the applications that are already open to the New Desktop icon at the top of the Task view and have a separate virtual Desktop. 
  • It is interesting to know that by installing this version of Microsoft Windows, one can view all the previously opened files and applications. So, just click thereon within the task view and switch to any file that has been opened earlier. 
  • Above all, it also has a Windows 10 Mobile version. It’s amazing! One can synchronize its smartphone with a personal computer by installing the Windows 10 launcher app on an android phone. 

No doubt, installing window ten on your devices will take your work productivity to the next level. 

How to install Windows 10 

For those who are thinking of installing windows ten on their computers for the first time or want to upgrade their previous versions of windows, we have a complete guide for them. Just follow the instructions and get Windows 10 installed. 

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Prerequisites for Installing Windows 10

Some basic requirements are compulsory for any device. If the device meets those requirements, it can install this version of Microsoft Windows. These requirements include Central Processing Unit (CPU) of one gigahertz, Random Access Memory (RAM) of one gigabyte for Windows 10 thirty-two bit or two gigabytes for Windows 10 sixty-four bit, and storage space of thirty-two gigabytes or more than that. Sometimes, the installation also requires an active internet connection. 

Creating Installation Media

Installation media can be easily created by Microsoft as it has tools that can be easily downloaded. To put the Windows 10 installation files, one can use a USB drive having eight gigabytes of storage. 

Come towards running the tool, simply accept the given terms, and then move to the “What do you want to do?” page. 

From there choose the option of “Create installation media for another PC.” 

Then select the language of your region and version of Microsoft windows one wants to install followed by the selection of media of one’s own choice. 

If one is installing it with the help of a USB drive, then it will choose its USB drives from the available list of drives and then the tool will automatically download the required files and save them on USB. 

In case, if anyone is upgrading the previous versions, then this tool can be used to download and install Windows 10 on the devices.

This can be done by running the program as an administrator. Then go to the “What do you want to do?” and select the option of “Upgrade this PC now”. After that, follow the remaining steps offered in this tool. 

Use of the installation media 

It can be done just by inserting media into the device where one wants to install Windows 10. Then access the device’s BIOS or UEFI. This is the system that controls the device’s hardware. The user can access this system by checking the criteria of its access that is available on the manufacturing company’s website. 

Normally, the computer’s BIOS or UEFI is retrieved by holding a certain key during the boot process i.e Escape, F1, F2, F3 or Delete. 

After figuring out which key is for your device, shut it down.

Then boot its back up and keep holding the key as soon as the device initiates to boot. 

Changing the boot order of the device 

Your device will not start into the Windows ten installation tool until the source where the installation file is placed is not on the top of the boot order as compared to the device currently operating the system. 

The drive can be placed at the top by going to the settings for boot order in the device’s BIOS or UEFI. From the section of “Boot order” choose the device, you want to use first as the computer starts. 

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Saving the Settings 

Save all the settings and your device is now ready to restart into the installation tool of Windows 10. It will also guide you about the process of setting up windows ten on the device. 

After the above-mentioned procedure, now your device is on Windows 10. 

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