Is Fisher Investments A Scam Or Can I Trust It

Is Fisher Investments A Scam Or Can I Trust It

Failed to realize inflation and money supply would cause the Fed to hike significantly. Stayed primarily invested in tech that already had historically very high multiples – even when the Fed started to raise. Fisher was stubborn and did not reposition. Many of their picks were cut in half and they made no effort to reposition. Even now, close to a year later, while they do admit they missed the market direction, they offer a lot of historical data and market assumptions to support a premise that the market is about to turn. The S&P multiples are still very high vs what will be declining revenue and profits in 2023. Fisher Investments has what you need if you want world-class, client-first investment advice with a forward-looking approach.

The narratives were good and I learned a bit from them, but overall they underperformed the market. I would have done better in an index fund. I pulled all my money out and went to a different investment manager when I found out that CEO Ken Fisher contributed $250,000 to Donald Trump.

Fees Under Fisher Investments

As a client, you’ll benefit from a firm that focuses on your long-term financial success. You won’t find a cookie-cutter strategy, complex fees or biased advice with Fisher Investments. Call today to set up a free financial consultation. Your Investment Counselor will get to know you and your specific needs to find the best comprehensive investing strategy for you.

  • This is limiting and ties your portfolio too closely to factors affecting 1 economy.
  • They can’t time the market like they claim…no one can….Liars!
  • Leaving them was the best decision I made, I just select my own funds on an online investment platform and the returns have been far above any Purisma fund.

Fisher Investments balances and adjusts portfolios as needed to reach your goals, rather than focusing on a single style of investing. For example, Fisher Investments may add global investments to your portfolio, rather than only taking a U.S.-based approach. Fisher Investments specializes in retirement planning. Your Investment Counselor will help you identify your goals and invest in securities that will keep earning even after you stop working. The firm does all it can to guide you toward long-term financial security.

Fisher Investments

TD Ameritrade has the best website of the four. SnapTicket is a user-friendly trading system that appears at the bottom of the browsing window. It can produce a small chart and trade stocks, options, and ETFs. The broker provides two trading platforms. Trade Architect is web-based and simpler to use, while thinkorswim is a desktop program that is more advanced. Surprisingly, both are free to use for all customers. Thinkorswim also has PaperMoney, a practice platform.

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By the sounds of the complaints it does’t sound like anything has changed. Their flyiers will continue to go into the round file. I had investment funds there for more than a decade.

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