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SADAPAY A digital mobile wallet

SADAPAY; A digital mobile wallet

SADAPAY (A digital mobile wallet):-

SadaPay is a Pakistan-based digital wallet that is likely to launch within two months. SadaPay has partnered up with Mastercard to provide a Free Mastercard debit card. Sadapay’s primary purpose is to provide the best international online payment method and easy to transact money for freelancers. Sadapay is like Skrill and Payoneer, but SadaPay is based in Pakistan. So, they offer some advantages. They charge no fee to receive their debit card. Also, they claim to have much better exchange rates into PKR. Many ATMs also charge extra fees for foreign debit cards. As compared to today’s banking system, SadaPay has an entirely different perspective on the online payment system in Pakistan.

Fee and Charges of Sadapay:

Sadapay offers almost free banking services. They can make this happen by making themselves 100% online banking system. It doesn’t have any physical branches like a typical bank, which lets them pass those savings onto their customers.

Services they offer:
• Free Mastercard debit card.
• No annual fees.
• Free and instant transfers to any bank or wallet in Pakistan.
• Free cash withdrawals at any ATM in Pakistan.
• No minimum deposit.
More so, as their Moto is, “Say goodbye to annual fees.”

SADAPAY Complete Guide

SADAPAY International Transactions:

Sadapay’s primary purpose is to provide the best international online payment method and easy to transact money for freelancers. At the moment, They only accept international transfers from 45 countries. But With Mastercard, you’ll be able to use the card on all international websites like Netflix. This network also includes more than 30 million merchants around the world.

At the moment, they are providing a physical debit card. But SadaPay also has plans to launch a virtual card system

What level of Security do SADAPAY offer?

According to their website, they offer serious Protection encryption in-flight and at-rest to protect their customer funds and sensitive personal data.
Biometric Access
Use fingerprint or Face ID for quick and easy access to account information.
AI Fraud Detection
They have implemented best-in-class fraud detection systems to keep their customer money safe.

Feature SADAPAY offer:

Shop Globally
SadaPay’s Mastercard is acceptable at 30 million merchants around the world, online and in-stores.
Real-time Updates
Their customers will get instant transaction alerts on your phone whenever there’s activity on their customer account.
Lowest Foreign Exchange Rate
They only pass their customer cost of 1.5% for foreign exchange when their customer makes non-PKR purchases with your card.

How to Make and use SADAPAY account:

SadaPay is making complex banking systems easy. By replacing complexity with simplicity
Their customers will be able to create the SadaPay account just in 2-Minute, by signing up from your phone with just a selfie, a photo of your CNIC, and some necessary information. No paperwork is needed!.

Their customer will be able to send and receive payments quickly. Now the customers can move their money within seconds!
They also claim to offer 100% transparency. They promise to always be upfront with their customers: no unfair rates, no hidden fees.
Sign up today from their website to become a part of the SadaPay’s family!

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