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How to Start a Freelancing Career

How to Start a Freelancing Career – Complete Guide

How about you have been struggling to create a life you love but had no clue what to do about it? Are you tired of getting up every morning and get ready for a 9 to 5 grind that you hate? You want to become a freelancer but do not know how to start a freelancing career? Don’t worry because we will guide you about everything you need to know to start a freelancing career.

According to Forbes, more than 54 million Americans in 2019 were looking for ways to start their freelance businesses and forego their tedious jobs. What is so fascinating about freelancing motivating so many people to take actionable steps to start a new life?


Human beings are creative creatures. Our hearts are full of passion for living an independent life that is more purposeful and satisfying. But there is a problem! Living on a day-to-day full-time job doesn’t help millions to end their day on a fulfilling note. How long could you continue being a slave who never gets appreciated for their hard work and dedication? Or why would you work overtime on a Saturday evening when your kids are suffering home alone?

With incredible technological development, companies around the world have experienced an enormous shift. Nowadays, starting a freelancing career has become easier than ever before. Hiring freelancers are self-fulfilling for the workers and more viable for quality-conscious employers/business owners. Even the largest corporations and established businesses like Aerotek and Kforce hire freelancers from across the globe to help people start a sustainable remote career.


Freelancing sounds like a daunting task for beginners who think it is not easy to find the door to the promised land. But it is not that difficult to become a successful, happy freelancer and even build a 5-figure business with a simple laptop and an internet connection.

So, if you are one of those millions of creative souls not knowing where to start to build your freelance career or business, then read this post till the end. This could be your ultimate guide to start a life of your dreams you always wished you had.

So let’s waste no time and jump over the bandwagon of exploring Steps to start a Freelancing Career to equip you with the proper knowledge to take better control of your destiny.

What is Freelancing? Is it even For You?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of how life can reward you if you are willing to learn the art of freelancing and best practices to start a freelancing career, let us first define what is freelancing?

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Freelancing means working as a private company rather than being hired by someone else. Freelancers are employed by other companies for some time out period but receive the same compensation as full-time employees or have the same level of commitment to any particular company.

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Since amidst the global pandemic and economic downturn, the working remote has become a new normal. Thanks to technology, it has become easier to become a freelancer because a variety of jobs have been shifted remotely. Moreover, it is more beneficial for companies to hire freelancers from Asia and Africa to cut the benefits they provide to regular employees.

Who is the freelancer?

A freelancer is the one who is employed; he offers his services and gets paid for his work.

If you hold a college degree or have a Masters degree or even a doctorate certificate, it is the best time for you to start a freelancing career. Freelancing allows you to work independently as a professional to offer specific services to companies across the globe. Companies can hire you as a freelancer on a part-time or full-time basis. You can charge companies as per your skills set or experience level.


Best Thing About Freelancing:

The best thing is that freelancing allows you to work from home or any geographical location. That allows you to take better care of your home, family, health, and even pets. It sounds like an exciting journey! Keep reading to learn more.

Steps to Start a Freelancing Career While Holding on to Your Job:

The beauty of freelancing is that you can start a side hustle without quitting your full-time job. Even if your current job pays lower and fails to provide you with opportunities to grow, you can still hold on to it before you can finally start earning significantly from your freelancing projects. If you are serious about starting a freelance business, nothing can stop you but your own mental beliefs and fears. So, the first step is to erase your fears and define your life/earning goals.

Define Clear Goals

You can start your freelancing career by defining a clear goal in your mind. Without a transparent goal, it is hard to get to your destination. For example, you can define how much income you want to earn per month to live a comfortable life with your family and friends. Decide how much money you need to buy a new car next year; or how much money you need to be debt-free in six months. Define your goals clearly, whether they are physical, mental, or financial.

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Choose a Skill Set for Freelancing

Choosing a niche and a skill set to match that market niche is vital for starting a successful freelancing career. Whether you decide to work part-time or aim to start a full-time business, you need to develop and offer unique skills to employers to add value to their businesses.

For example, if you have been a nurse or a marketing manager for the past five years, you can carry those skills forward into your freelance business and build a brighter future. Or, you can even learn new skills such as graphics designing, website development, and copywriting to facilitate more business.

Identify your Clients

Now that you have great skills to serve particular niches think about what kind of clients will benefit from your unique skills. Can you benefit non-profits, startups, or tech giants? Dig deeper and conduct market research to find your ideal clients. Address the problems they are facing and create a win-win situation for them to thrive together.

Create a Portfolio to Become Visible Online

The world can see you on the Internet only if you have an official website or a portfolio to demonstrate your skills and previous projects. Include all your best work samples to build trust. A live portfolio will allow your clients to see your work samples before they decide to hire you. So, create something impressive to nail projects.

Grow and Tap into your Network

Freelancers often get frustrated when they stop finding new clients. To consistently earning as a freelancer, you need to keep getting bigger and better projects. Tap into your current network of friends, family, and coworkers and ask them to refer you to clients. Spend some time catching up with your network and previous clients can help you get consistent work to grow your business.

The Recap

Starting a freelancing career is not so difficult, just grow up your skill, create a very powerful portfolio and learn bs envelopment skills. t ay motivated and soon you find yourself handling the list of projects.

Freelancing can free you from a resentful job and provide you with a respectable income to achieve your dreams. You should take the steps mentioned above to start building a freelance career. First, define your goals and polish your skills to attract employers. Create an eye-catching portfolio and redefine strategies to get consistent clients by tapping into your network.

We believe you can use your genius to create the life you desire by beginning a freelance business. All you need is a commitment to own your future and take steps to start something exciting you never tried before.

Best of Luck!

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