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keep the temperature of your laptop Down

How to keep the temperature of laptop Down?

With so much pressure that can affect a laptop for the rest of its life, it’s important to understand how to keep the temperature of your laptop Down. As it contains many electronic components and they are sitting close to each other when one of the components gets hot then other parts are likely to get heat.

 Maintaining your device’s temperature is key to nutrition and is a great way to get the most out of your investment.

6 tips to keep the temperature of laptop Down and protect it from overheating 

Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid your laptop from extreme heat.

Let’s move toward a solution 

 Here I will go over the 6 tips which will help you keep your laptops cool so you can always be productive.

Chose Hard and Flat  surface  

Carpets, blankets, pillows, and blankets act as insulators, meaning your laptop cannot breathe properly when working in these areas. To prevent blocking the built-in parameters of the portable computer, avoid anything that could block your laptop from below.

The best way to properly ventilate is to place your laptop above your work surface. It’s better to buy laptop stands but you can also improvise with a book or similar small object.

Check the working of your laptop fans 

If you use your laptop and notice complete silence (no fan noise), turn it off and a professional will check it out.

This means that the cooling fan is damaged, or that some malfunction is causing your fan to not move.

This can cause damage to your laptop and should be addressed very quickly.

Keep away your laptop from heat

Make sure to keep your computer in a shady place especially during the summer season. Direct exposure to sunlight causes expansion of the hard drive and you may get battery damage.

Don’t overload your laptop with too many programs 

If you are putting more pressure on your PC than it can handle, it could be the cause of its heating. Following these instructions 

Don’t continuously use your laptop for heavy gaming, especially the ones that your PC resource can’t even handle. 

If the game or software you are using faces lag or slowdowns, then this means it is not meant for your PC and you are just putting pressure on your PC.

Only use programs that are compatible with your laptop and don’t use a program continuously that takes up over 90% of its power. 

Replace the old batterie

Older laptop batteries rely on lithium, a chemical that decomposes naturally over time; as the battery ages, it begins to malfunction and produce more heat.

So replace it with a new one.

Install software to monitor temperature

Installing software that can monetize and inform you about the temperature of your laptop will help you a lot. Many such software packages are also available that can control fans’ speed as well as inform you about temperature.

FAQs About overheating of your laptop 

And learn 

  • the optimum temperature of your device
  • causes of over warming
  • the cooling pad is good or bad
  • harms when your laptop fans noise loud 
  • a reliable way to immediately cool 

What is the optimum temperature of your computer?

10 to 35°C is the normal range for its working. Raising of temperature beyond this limit will significantly affect its functions  So try to maintain its outside temperature before using 

Is overheating killing your laptop?

If your laptop is too warm for too long then, you get errors and hardware failure. It will suddenly shut down.   So you need to get an expert view. Otherwise, you may get irreversible damage.

Why did your laptop overheat?

The basic reasons include

  •  dust-resistant grills or exhaust ports, 
  • a blocked fan,
  •  or heat-insulating adhesive.

Can I use a cooling pad?

Cooling pipes are just as bad as portable computer equipment! The iPad will have a lot of air (and dust) inside your laptop computer, which causes some sensors inside to think that they are cool and can continue to press the computer. Placing your laptop in the cooling pad will fix this problem temporarily and may cause problems soon.

Is it normal for your laptop fans to be loud?

No, it’s bad if the fans are noisy; it is the indication of a certain type of problem. Especially when the noise persists for a longer time.

What is the most reliable way to immediately cool my laptop?

When you feel your laptop is overheating immediately, shut it down and give it some rest for a few hours.


By following all of these instructions and tips you will protect your laptop from the damages of overheating. You will surely increase its lifespan.  If you can’t find it to start, keep it cooling after trying these suggestions, so take it to the expert to check and fix the problem.

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