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Top 5 most secure messaging apps

Top 5 most secure messaging apps

Nowadays communication is very easy you can communicate with your employs, clients, colleagues, friends, family and your loved ones free of cost by using messaging apps. But while communicating security is very important. The app you are using must provide you with some basic security features so that you can communicate without any fear. There are a lot of essential features for most secure messaging apps.

First of all, we will guide you about some basic features of secure messaging apps than we will compare the availability of these essential features with our list of most secure messaging apps.

Most secure messaging apps must have the following features:

End to end encryption

It is one of the most essential features of secure messaging apps. In simple words, it means that only the persons which are communicating with each other will have access to the chat. Third parties will not have access to the chat.

Message deletion

It is also an important feature of secure messaging apps. What actually happens when you delete your messages in an app? Most apps you can only delete messages from your side but some apps also have an option to delete messages for everyone. Beyond this feature, some apps also offer an option of automatically deleting messages. You can select the time limit and after this time limit, all the messages will be deleted.

Internal access to messages

We know that the protection from hackers is important but you should also check the internal access. Check the privacy policy of app that shows the service provider cares about the privacy of users and a minimum number of internal employee have access. All secure messaging apps should provide this feature.

Blocking annoying users

All the good apps provide a feature to block other users. Blocked users will not have access to contact you in the app, not able to see your profile and your statuses etc. This is one of the most common features of secure messaging apps.

Special version

Is the security of app automatic or you have to use the special version of the app? Special versions of apps are not generally recommended for security purposes.

The following is the list of best messaging apps with all these features:

1. WhatsApp:-

Everyone knows about WhatsApp. It is one of the most secure messaging apps. It is secured with end to end encryption. Because of its encrypted nature and simplicity, it is used worldwide. According to the latest research it has almost 1.5 billion active users. It also has deleted for everyone option it means that if you want to delete your own messages from someone else chat you can directly delete it from your phone within the time limit.

Moreover, it also has a chat backup feature. You can select the setting of an automatic backup then you don’t need to worry about your chat it will be saved in your drive and you can restore it anytime.

besides all these security features WhatsApp also offer group video calls, group chat, statuses, dark theme mode and many more features.

2. Telegram:-

Telegram is also one of the most secure messaging apps. It has all the essential features of a good messaging app. It is also an encrypted app. According to a survey it has almost 200 million users worldwide in march 2018 and the users are increasing day by day.

It gains popularity within no time so you can have an idea about the usefulness and security of this app.

3. Signal Private Messenger:-

It is similar to Telegram and has a strict security policy. Because of its encrypted nature, it is included in our list of most secured apps. It encrypts all communication from end to end so that only the receiver can read the message even the Signal Privat Messenger owners can’t read the messages.

4. Viber:-

Viber is also one of the most secure messaging apps. The Viber app offers end-to-end encryption. Users can communicate through voice and video messages with full encryption. Viber also offers a lot of other amazing features like users can send media of any type to a group of any size.

besides these features each chat on Viber has a colour for a more secure connection:

  • Green colour means that the chat is encrypted correctly and the contact you are connected to is secure.
  • Grey colour means that the chat is encrypted correctly but the contact is not considered as safe.
  • Red colour means that there is an issue in encryption.

5. Wire:-

The wire is another secure messaging app. The end to end encryption of Wire is enabled automatically so you don’t need to enable it manually. Users of Wire can chat and contact with each other with full encryption. The wire is an open-source platform so it allows users to see the code and can participate in improving it through GitHub.

Which of the secure messaging apps you are using? let us know in the comment section 👇👇

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