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Top 5 Online Data Entry Jobs

Are you looking to earn some extra money or looking for a full-time job that is fairly easy to do and will get you a good salary as well?. Then online data entry jobs are the best choice.

If you do not know what data entry is, as the name suggests. In data entry like jobs you just have to enter data from one document to another. For example, people can hire you to convert hard copy content into soft copy, by using Software like Microsoft Word or Excel.

The best thing about data entry is, you do not need any particular skills. You can do a data entry job even sitting at home and still get paid a fairly good amount of salary.

To get started at this job, you will need to have a computer, need to know typing, and have a good internet connection.

In this article, I am going to tell you the top 5 data entry jobs a company can offer, so you can find what is suited for you.

Top 10 Online Data Entry Jobs

I have compiled the top 10 data entry job skills, that can land you a data entry job.

1. Converting Hard Copy To Soft Copy

As I already have mentioned this in the example above. This is really an easy job. You will be given a hard copy content (written on a paper) and you will have to read it and enter it into MS word or any other software.

This job is the most popular among data entry jobs because these days every company or a person wants to show off their content of the internet. Rather than sending a hard copy of the written content, it is fairly easy to send a soft copy around. That is why this is the most popular job and a well-paid job as well.

2. Converting Picture To Text

In this job, you will have to convert what is written in a picture and then rewrite it in an MS word document.

Many companies require this job, we have many fellows around us who can not see and they use the voice assistant to listen to the picture. A voice assistant can not read what is written in a picture, that is why we need to provide a caption to that picture so that the blind person will be able to read it through the voice assistant.

3. Converting Audio To Text

In this job, you are required to convert audio to text format. You just have to listen to the audio and write the text into an MS word document.

This job requires good listening skills. If you have these skills then you can do this job. Listening is not difficult, right?

4. Writing Subtitles

Well, this might be a fun job among all data entry jobs. In this job you just have to listen to a video’s audio, then write what they are saying, and then make create subtitles.

This job is similar to the previous one but it is fun at the same time. It also requires to have good listening skills.

Many companies can hire you to create subtitles to the movies, like Netflix and Hulu.

5. Filling Forms Online

In this job, you are required to fill the forms. The is already provided to you you will just have to fill it.

Many companies need to fill the forms, like their user’s details, etc. They will provide you with the data, for example, the user name and their email.

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