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Different ways to track kid's mobile

Different ways to track kid’s mobile

In this techie world, everyone has to rely on tech gadgets whether they are children or old ones to keep pace with the ever-changing surroundings. Where technology has made wonders there it requires some check and balance as well. You might want to know about different ways to track kid’s mobile.

There are so many applications available on different devices, but not all are safe and secure. Children are the one that needs monitoring the most while they are using mobile phones or any other tech gadget. So, to ensure safe use of gadgets by children, people are adopting certain ways and, in this regard, various applications have been introduced that are accessible on multiple devices. These applications are the best ways to track kid’s mobile. 

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list of applications OR ways to track kid’s mobile:-

Here is the list of some applications that can prove helpful for parents to monitor their children and to ensure the safe use of tech devices. 


One of the main concerns of every parent while their child is using mobile phones is to prevent them from hackers and Cyberbullying. We have hunted this application for the parents so that they can feel worry-free at this edge. 

It’s one of the best applications to track kid’s mobile. It is available on Android Devices, iPhone Devices as well as on Chromebooks. 


  • It analyzes all the online activities of the children to detect cyberbullying.
  • It also takes into account context as well as a digital history of the user to point out security threats. 
  • This application also monitors different applications along with various social media grounds.
  • Not only this, but the application also notifies both parents and children that may become victims about the recommendations that are based on actions. So that in case of uncertain circumstances they know what they have to do.
  • In addition to this, this application also provides evidence in case of legal actions. 

Therefore, this application is the best for the online safety of children. 


To track the child’s phone usage, FamiSafe is the best one. With this application, parents can limit the screen time of their child’s phone, make-over different settings to monitor the child in the best way, and above all, it will make parents aware through a notification in case of unusual activity. 

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It’s one of the most used applications to track kid’s mobile. It is available on Android Devices, iOS, Windows PC, Mac, and Kindle Fire. 


  • Provide details of the hours a user spends on the device. 
  • One can limit as well as schedule the screen time.
  • One can block certain apps with just a single touch. 
  • It can also restrict individual applications and in-app purchases.
  • One can track the browsing history.
  • Provide notifications in case kids visit suspicious websites or install unknown applications.
  • One can monitor all of its children at a time as the parents can see their online activities on their dashboard without switching to different devices. 

Therefore, its customizable features make it perfect to keep track of the kids who are alluding to mobile phones. 

Net Nanny

This is one of the most reliable parents control mobile applications as it filters web content and restricts the usage time of the internet on various kid’s devices. 

It’s a great application to track kid’s mobile. It is available on Personal Computers, Mac, and Android devices. 


  • One can create multiple profiles. That means a separate profile for every child and the application will automatically filter web content for each child based on their age group. 
  • One can restrict web access through this application or can set the internet usage time.
  • One can also turn off the comment section on different websites to save children from profanity while they are going through an article or web content. 

Thus, we can say that it is parent-control software for children. 


As the monitoring of social media use of the children is an hour of need for the parents. This application is specially designed for the safety of children on social media. In addition to this, it also tracks the location of the user. You can say that it is an all-in-one stress-free app.

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It’s one of the best applications to track kid’s mobile. It is available on Both Android and iPhone devices.


  • It is easy to monitor the activity of a child on various Social Media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Parents can check the posts on which their children are tagged, monitor their uploaded photos and check-ins they have posted.
  • It also masks profanity on various social media accounts to keep children away from such type of content.  
  • Parents will receive a notification immediately as their children exceed the limit of social media usage set by them. 

So, if your concern is tracking social media usage, this is the best parenting app in this regard so far. 

YouTube Kids

Nowadays many children spend a lot of time on tech devices while watching videos on YouTube or enjoying their favorite cartoons. So, if you want to monitor your child while he is using YouTube, no need to worry as this application is the most reliable one in this regard. It also blocks ads on YouTube to ensure a safe way of entertainment for children. 

It’s one of the best applications to track kid’s mobile. It is available on Android Devices, Tablets, Game console, and Smart TV.


  • One can customize a kid’s profile according to its needs.
  • This application also provides an option of blocking channels or videos on YouTube.
  • Parents can monitor the watch history of their children by turning on and off the searches. 
  • It also has an amazing feature of setting a timer to limit the screen usage time for kids. 

Therefore, this application is kids-friendly besides a source of entertainment for them. 

ESET Parental Control

Want to know where your child is right now! Keep an eye on your children round the clock! Here is an application that is the ultimate answer to all your questions. This application is well-known for the safety of children.  

It’s an amazing application to track kid’s mobile. It is available on Android devices, Windows PC and Smart TV. 


  • It provides details about the current location of your child.
  • This application allows the parents to block certain applications which they consider unsafe for their children. 
  • Parents can also monitor the web activities of the child at any time with this app. 

Just download this app and track your kid’s location along with web activities.


This application is the jack of all trades. It is the best choice for those parents who are looking for an application that can monitor all social media activities, the location of children, and other activities on phone like messaging, calls, etc. 

It’s one of the best applications to track kid’s mobile. It’s also available on Both Android and iOS devices 


  • Parents can have access to the social media accounts of their children through this application so that they can monitor their social media activities.
  • It also provides details about the incoming, outgoing calls and messages even the deleted text messages. 
  • Parents can also track the GPS location of their child’s device. 

Thus, it is a user-friendly and leading monitoring software for parents. 

In a nutshell, in this tech era, there is a range of applications available that demands parents to monitor their child’s device to keep him safe and secure while he is grooming. 

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