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What is Blog ? Learn some useful information about Blog

What is a Blog and key features of a blog

What Is A Blog?​

A Blog is a website that contains informational posts on some topics. In other words, we can say that it’s is a website which contains the latest and authentic information or knowledge about some relevant topics in the form of posts. There are a lot of key features of a blog we will discuss these key features of a blog after explaining a little bit more about blogging.

Explanation Of Blog And Blogging:​

As we have discussed earlier that blog contains informational posts about some topics. The Information in blog posts is called the content of the post. The content may be in the form of Text, Images, Audio, Video, Pdf files, and maybe in the form of other formats.
Both content and the Design of the Blogging Site are very important in Blogging. We can say that:
“ content without good design is useless as well as good design without a good content is useless ”
When we talk about the content of posts we talk about all the formats(like text, images, etc) of content. Most people think that only text is the content for Blogging, in fact, it is wrong statement content is very broad we can’t associate content only with only text.
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Key Features Of A Blog:​

For a while if you imagine about any good blog you will definitely think about these Key Features of a blog:

  • It must be neat and clean.
  • It should have a good Layout
  • A blog should have a Site-Map
  • The content should be updated frequently
  • It’s loading speed should be very high
  • It should contain the reference of images in its posts
  • its content on posts must be authentic
  • Content of posts must be their own content
  • This site must have a good domain name

These are the main key features of a blog. A good Bogging site should contain all these characteristics. For a while, if you imagine about any good blog you will definitely think about these key features.

Topics For Blogging And Blog Posts:​

If you want to start Blogging it is not mandatory that you must choose the trending topics moreover you can choose any topic of your interest. While choosing a topic you should keep in mind that you must have an authentic knowledge interest in the topic so that you can write and publish better Articles/Posts. On the other hand, if you don’t have a piece of good and authentic knowledge about the topic than you will not be able to produce good quality content for your site.

Following are an example of topics for Blogging:

  • Technology
  • Food
  • Latest news
  • Health & Fitness
  • Personal Development
  • Self Defense
  • Body-weight training
  • Communication skills
  • Sports
  • travel photography/videography
  • Inspiration
  • Life skills/life coaching

Domain Name For A Blog:​

You must be very careful while choosing a domain name. Your domain name must be relevant to the topic of your blog. The extension of the domain should be according to your target audience. For instance, if you write content for the united kingdom you should choose .uk extension, and similarly, if you want to target the audience of the whole world you should choose .com extension.

Following are the best practices for choosing a good Domain name:

  • The Domain name should be Short
  • It must be Memorable
  • The Domain name should be Brandable
  • It should be Unique
  • The Domain name should be Descriptive
  • It should contain Keywords
  • Domain Extension must be according to your target audience

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