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what is an email trail?

What is an email trail – Trail Email Guide

An email system is the cost-effective and fastest means of communication practiced by different businesses and organizations to facilitate logistics, synchronize projects and make real-time conversation well organized. You might have a question in your mind that what is an email trail? Don’t worry we will guide you everything you need to know about E-mail trail

In today’s digital world, various enterprises rely on email marketing to connect with their customers as email servers deliver, accept, store and forward messages.  Likewise, an email trail or conversation thread is a feature accessed by email readers, Usenet newsgroups, and message boards for visually assembling the messages with their replies.

What is an Email Trail?                      

An Email trail is a series of emails containing the details of the entire conversation exchanged over a subject. It provides information at which time and date a message is sent to whom and several people who have responded to that mail. In other words, trail emails give you every bit of the earlier mail content.

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How to send trail mails?

One can send a trail mail in a few easy steps. Follow the steps mentioned and have conversations with your client.

  • Open the desired conversation with your client over a particular subject.
  • Click the three dots on the top right corner of your email box or more button in the toolbar.
  • Select forward all from the menu that appears above the conversation.
  • Type your content or add any comments and address the message.
  • Click send and your trail mail has been sent.

Who can view the trail emails?

The entire list of emails can be seen by any of the recipients of the email. One would need to keep scrolling down to go through the whole context of the email. In addition to this, one can keep an eye on the actual issue and what triggered the email. This option is used in case of emails that are being replied to or being forwarded while the previous conversation remains in the email as part of the reply or forward messages.

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Trial mail is addressed for the Postal officials as well. Executive officials applied it to assess, monitor the transferal of articles and to track the causes of delay in delivery of emails. Trail mails also aid in making the process of mail delivery system better and effective.

Email Trail a boon

Trail mails are useful for extended discussions, news clients, and enterprises. One can process, analyze and integrate the information with ease. Promising aspects of trail mails are

  • Trail mails allow recipients of emails to have a quick view of the whole discussion so that the reader can pick up the specific points of conversation without making efforts.
  • Users can draw out discussions without time constraints.
  • Users don’t have to make mental efforts on revisiting the previous messages. So, it keeps one focused on earlier points of discussion.
  • As the trail emails appear hierarchically, one can easily find out the sender of emails.
  • Trail emails make the process of feedback easier and swift. Users can coordinate efficiently and constructively.

How to manage Email Trail on different devices

Here is a complete guide of how to manage Email Trail so that one can effortlessly manage the trail mails whether in home, offices, or any other place without being worried about the gadget he possesses.

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On Windows Devices

Most of the users rely on Windows devices in their offices. On Windows devices, the conversation view—is turned on by default. One can also control these settings as well by simply following a few steps.

  • Open the Mail app and then tap the Settings icon or on three dots that appear on the bottom left.
  • The context right pane gives certain options.
  • Select the option Show messages arranged by conversations.
  • Slide to switch on/off this option.

On an iOS Devices

The Apple iOS built-in Mail application has several settings that assist in controlling trail emails. Usually, it is turned on by default while in the other case one can follow the mentioned steps.

  • Simply go to Settings, and select the icon of Mail.
  • Then Scroll down to Threading.
  • After that, there are the following options one has to select. One is of Organize by Thread that implies the setting to control whether threading is used at all in emails. The other option is Collapse Read Messages that allow one to enable collapsing messages that have previously read and Most Recent Message that displays the most recent message on top. Next, there will be an option of Complete Threads. This setting assembles email messages into a trail even if they are from another mailbox. One can disable or enable all the options or the one by simply sliding on the green icon.

On an Android Devices

In Android devices, there is an application of Gmail that contains Email threading. If the conversation view is not turned on by default, then follow the below steps

  • Go to the apps and open the Gmail app.
  • Go to the inbox and then click the three-line icon that is present to the left.
  • Scroll down all your previous folders and then select the Settings option.
  • After going to General Settings, Select the checkbox next to Conversation View.
  • Now return to your email to view your threaded email conversations.

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 Hope this article will be helpful for you and contain the required information regarding the Email Trail. 

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