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what is Proxy Server and list of Best Proxy Server Sites

what is Proxy Server – Best Proxy Server Sites

The actual way of how the whole internet system works is not something people often stop to consider. The main problem with that is a huge danger of data security. There are a lot of Hackers or your enemies on the internet that always try to steal your information as well as your identity. Proxy servers and Proxy sites help us a lot to deal with these kinds of situations.

Do you know what actually happens when you browse the web ? you might be using a proxy server or Proxy site on a VPN (Virtual Private Network), at your home or maybe at your office. You also could be the one who always uses it.

What is Proxy Server ?

A proxy server is actually a computer on the internet with its unique IP address. So whenever you send a web request, your request Firstly goes to that server. Then it makes your web request on your behalf from the Proxy site, collects the response from the web-server, and forwards you the filtered, more secure, and protected web page data and warns you if the site is not secure to protect your Privacy and Information.

What is the Function of Proxy server ?

The main function of Proxy Servers is that it acts as a Gateway or Bridge between the user(who is using the internet) and the Internet. In simple words, we can say that it acts as an intermediary server or Proxy site separating you from the website you browse.

It provides different levels of Functionality, Security, and privacy depending upon your policies. Moreover, it also Provides protection against Hackers and provides you a filtered version of the web to protect you from harmful activities.

What should be the qualities of good proxy server ?

The answer to this question depends on the functionalities you want. So that you can get what exactly will give you maximum benefits while using a Proxy Site or Server. 

The Following are some general qualities of a good proxy server or Proxy site.

  1. It must provide you data security
  2. It should have good Network Performance
  3. The must have Web-Filter functionality
  4. It should use cache data to speed up common requests
  5. It must keep users as well as the internal network protected from the bad stuff
  6. That Server must provide you a high level of privacy.

Best Proxy Server Sites

whenever we talk about a good Proxy Site we assume that it must have all the general qualities of good proxy Site that we have mentioned in the previous paragraph.

we have checked the functionalities and qualities of different Proxy Sites and we find that the following Proxy Sites are best among all other proxy sites.

  1. HideMyAss
  2. 4everproxy
  3. ProxySite
  4. Hide.Me
  5. Whoer

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